About Us

We understand that home education is something very special to the families who have embarked upon this path and that there is not a one size fits all answer to educating God's amazing children.  We are parent educators who want the best for our children and those with whom they spend their time. We believe education should be parent-led and supported by the community.  We teach from a Biblical worldview.  We expect the best of our Scholars and trust that they will see the best in themselves when they are encouraged by authority figures who trust in the Word as the source of Truth.

Libertas Scholars is not a school and it is more than a co-op.  Libertas Scholars is a Homeschool Tutoring program that offers classes and resources to come alongside homeschooling families to assist them in their academic endeavors.  We strive to be a supportive Christian community and will offer both social and educational programs for parents as well as students.​


                       Our Perspective

We are a community of grace and learning.  We seek to encourage and inspire students towards excellence, integrity, and truth.  Everything we teach is from a Christian worldview.  Tutors are Christians and are expected to sign our statement of faith. There is no requirement for families/students to adopt the same faith, but families must be aware that all classes will be taught from this perspective.  Bible reading and prayer will be a regular part of student activities.

Our Philosophy

We hope to encourage all students to develop a true love of learning and inspire them to seek and develop the unique gifts and talents which the Lord bestowed on them.  In the early years, we value fun and learning through games, reading out loud to the students, developing fine motor skills, having outdoor gross motor experiences, and providing creative outlets.  In the later years, we value fun and fostering a love of learning through enjoyable class activities such as experiments and demonstrations, discussion and interaction with classmates, reading and researching various topics, and exploring God’s hand in all disciplines.

Primary Education

At Libertas, parents are still the primary educators of the students.  Libertas Scholars’ tutors function as lead learners and guides who have experience in their given subjects.  They are here to assist parents in teaching students as well as supporting the parents.  Being the primary educators,  parents must ultimately be responsible for teaching, reinforcing, testing, and reporting their children’s work.  Resources will be provided by Libertas for various areas such as transcript help, end-of-the-year evaluation, and testing, but all these things are ultimately the parent’s responsibility.  We are not a private school covering.  Parents are required to register their homeschooled student with the county or a private school covering.  If you need help with any of this, please see a member of our Academic Advisory Board.