History Classes

World Cultural Geography

TUTOR: Mrs. Christie Bancalari

GRADE LEVEL: Middle School- 10th grade 


PREREQUISITE:  Any History class

REQUIRED TEXTBOOK:  Cultural Geography 4th edition by Bob Jones University Press 

                                              Textbook - ISBN 978-1-60682-499-3

                               Activity Books- ISBN 978-1-60682-617-1

                               Activity Book Answer Key-  ISBN 978-1-60682-618-8

OTHER REQUIRED MATERIAL: World Atlas, 8x 10 tracing paper, and 3 ring binder



This class has been designed to be an adventure of lands, languages and legacies because geo-literacy is a critical aspect to all areas of learning!  From literature, to current events and history to interpreting data, understanding where we are in relation to the rest of the world and what different cultural components impact worldviews and land uses over time will help scholars make the most of every other class they take. 


We will travel around the world visiting each continent as we learn how to draw and label the countries and their capitals.  We will discuss cultural regions in terms of location, physical characteristics, demographics, historical changes, land use, and economic activity and importance in history/society.  We will use videos, text, news segments and artifacts to understand unique qualities God has given to different regions of the world.  We will take virtual field trips to visit with people from some of the countries we study. Content will include, but is not limited to, the use of geographic tools and skills to gather and interpret data and to draw conclusions about physical and human patterns, the relationships between physical geography and the economic, political, social, cultural and historical aspects of human activity, patterns of population growth and settlement in different cultures and environments, the interaction between culture and technology in the use, alteration and conservation of the physical environment, and the interrelationships and interdependence of world cultures. 


This material covered will include opportunities for students to interpret and create maps of the world, learn to draw and label countries / capitals, understand representations of historical events and concepts using tables, charts, and graphs.  The objective of this course is to help students understand how geography plays a role in nearly everything around them!     

This course will be tied to the Libertas 8th-9th grade English class where the reading list will compliment the continents we are learning about throughout the year. The 6th-7th grade English class's books also sync with this geography class. The courses will be intertwined and although it is not required that students take both classes, it is highly encouraged so that students get the most out of the community learning experience.