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Held Spring of 2021- sponsored by student council

Session 1:  2/11/ 2021 

Homeschool Edition: Featuring Former Students

Thanks to our phenomenal speakers for College Bound: Homeschoolers Edition 1 Featuring former homeschooled students in college and beyond was a resounding success.


Maia Robbins: Stetson University

Christy Bartel: Gordon College

Sarah Joe: University of Florida

Steven Smith: SouthEastern University

Bella Cota: University of Central Florida

Hunter Wilkins: Stetson University

Caleb Wood: University of Connecticut Alumnus


Resources shared by speakers:

                                                                  (Thank you, Sarah!)  


Maia's website (Thank you Maia)


Key takeaways:

  • start the application process early to avoid unnecessary stress

  • seek out scholarship opportunities - even several small scholarships can add up

  • living on campus and off-campus each have pros and cons - determine which suits your context best

  • Prepare for placement tests, SATs, ACTs - this can significantly increase your scores

  •  Be honest throughout the application process, some scholarships include several rounds of interviews

  • Being homeschooled is great preparation for college as homeschoolers are already learning to manage their time, communicate with adults, and work independently

  • Keep your faith central and appreciate the efforts and advice of your parents and guardians during your homeschool experience 

Session 2:  3/11/ 2021 

College Bound: Homeschool Edition: Featuring Admissions Representatives 

Our sincere appreciation to the admissions representatives who honored our invitation to participate in College Bound: Homeschool Edition Featuring College and University Admissions Representatives.  We appreciate the opportunity to share your contact information as a resource for homeschool families:


Brenau University:

Ms. Madison Phillips, Admissions Specialist- Freshmen:


Geneva College:

Mr. Jeff Schindel, Faculty and Admissions Counselor:

Florida Polytechnic University:

Ms. Gaby Guzman, Admissions Counselor:


Southeastern University:

Mr. Chris Bryant:

Territory: All Recruited Athletes, FL Zip Codes Starting with 328, 329, and 338.

University of South Florida Honors College:

Ms. Grace Beck, Admissions Coordinator:

Ms. Megan Stowe, Academic Advisor

Mr. Carter Harbert, Academic Advisor

Thank you to our generous prize donors! USF Honors, Brenau University, Southeastern University, and Florida Polytechnic University.


Thank you also to Ms. Sandy Hayden, Asst Director of Admissions, the University of Florida for providing A Resource specifically for Homeschool Students interested in the University of Florida.

Some responses by speakers answering student questions.


3. College Bound: Homeschool Edition: Featuring STEM Faculty & STEM and Medical Professionals  


Biology  Faculty - Geneva College

Medicine  Faculty - University of Central Florida

Exposure Science & Environmental Health Faculty - Emory University

Electrical and Computer Engineering Faculty - University of Central Florida

Engineer - Siemens

Medical Lab Scientist – Quest Diagnostics

Research Fellow – Harvard University

Medical Physics / Cancer Research PI - Harvard University

College Bound Faculty Professionals REVI

 Summaries and Recordings


College Bound Seminars

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