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Passion Led Us Here

Leadership Philosophy

Libertas Scholars believes in servant leadership and will strive to model, teach and instill this trait as Christ did through our actions and instruction.   We believe parents are the primary teachers and have the God-given responsibility for the overall leadership, academic direction and success of their children. 


Our program is designed with a Biblical worldview to supplement academic instruction in the home, not replace it, ultimately ensuring the primary source of leadership and education of our scholars to be their parents.  We believe so strongly in this aspect of leadership, our program requires parent involvement both in the classroom and in the community on a monthly basis.   At the same time, we understand that for a community to be successful there must be structure, order, accountability and leadership roles to guide the group and therefore have formal leadership teams in place.



There will be Community Leadership positions available within the community each semester.  Parents who are interested in taking on a greater role within the community will be welcome to step in and serve.  


We are honored to introduce our Leadership Teams:

  • Tutors

  • Academic Advisory Board

  • The Libertas Founders

  • Board of Directors


Without counsel, plans fail, but with many advisers, they succeed. Proverbs 15:22


Mrs. Haydee Kirwan holds a bachelor's degree in Computer Science and a Master's degree in Electrical Engineering. She has been married to her better half, Steve, for almost 23 years. They have two boys, a Junior and a 4th grader, who they have been homeschooling for 11 years. Teaching Spanish and sharing the rich cultural heritage of Spanish speaking countries is one of her greatest passions. Born and raised in México, she loves its culture and traditions. Her dad instilled his love of traveling in her when she was very young. After college she moved to Tucson, AZ to continue her graduate studies in Electrical Engineering and later took an engineering job with GTE. This allowed her to travel to Argentina. Soon after, she found herself traveling and working in Spain and Portugal, where she also learned Portuguese.All of this explains her deep  appreciation for the rich cultures and the people of Latin America, Spain and Portugal.  This taught her a real appreciation for immersion to learn a new language. She now incorporates this into her Spanish classes. 

We are excited to have an extraordinary team of experienced, caring and passionate Tutors. Each classroom will have a Tutor who is responsible for creating and implementing the daily instruction, activities and learning environment.  In addition to each Tutor, we will have a Parent Leaders serving on campus to assist (as needed) during the class periods. We require parents to be on campus on Friday for scholars in K-6th grade. This allows the parents, who are the primary teachers, and tutors to work together and have a common language and set of expectations.  It also provides more hands-on interaction and a smaller adult to student ratio, which we believe promotes better learning and skill development.

Coming soon!

Meet the Academic Advisory Board 

Our Academic Advisory Board, is a team of dedicated servant leaders who will review and approve the academic materials used for instruction, propose the scope and sequence of the overall program, develop and execute the annual calendar of events, and serve as primary points of contact for families who are enrolled in our community.  They will also review and make recommendations on Family and Employee applications

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Roxana Dickerson
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I am thrilled to be part of the Libertas Scholars leadership team, working with families dedicated to learning, growing, and glorifying God through homeschooling in community. I have lived, studied, and worked on three continents, giving me a greater appreciation for diverse cultures and educational values. I value the celebration of the unique gifts and talents God has gifted our children, the beauty of diversity in culture and heritage, and the unity we can enjoy in Christ in the midst of these. I value the resources parents bring to enrich homeschool communities and encourage taking opportunities to explore and implement Godly principles and practices in all aspects of life, especially the education of our children. My experience in education spans over 15 years. 

It is an honor to join Libertas Scholars during its second academic year as an Advisory Board member and a tutor. What an exciting time to be involved in the homeschool community, as it experiences unprecedented growth! As a child, my favorite pastime was playing school in the carport of our home in Puerto Rico. I deeply yearned to be a teacher and would gather as many neighborhood kids as I could to teach them my favorite subjects. My dream of becoming a teacher was sidelined while I pursued a career in the hospitality industry, followed by helping my husband launch a commercial real estate brokerage firm. Providentially, my childhood dream resurfaced seven years ago, and I began to substitute teach at The First Academy (TFA). I immediately fell in love with the students and teaching in a Christ-centered school from a biblical worldview perspective. That led to obtaining my Florida Teaching Certification in Social Science 6-12 and to teaching the past four years at The Classical School, a hybrid two-day homeschool program at TFA. I look forward to an amazing year serving our scholars and families!

I'm excited to join you on this amazing homeschooling journey!  I am passionate about many things when it comes to preparing young minds and hearts. Even before becoming a homeschooling family, I was firm believer that academics are only part of the big educational picture.  I love teaching our youth the soft skills needed to be successful as adults through embracing inclusion and diversity, volunteerism, STEAM learning opportunities and understanding the call to be Ambassadors for Christ in all we do. My background is in the corporate world in global roles with Marriott, Disney and in the internet sector.  I never imagined that one day I would be using those experiences in a teaching capacity.  God did!  Our family loves to 'world-school' and are fortunate to travel extensively with my husband when he travels for work. I look forward to joining you on the adventure of a lifetime as you educate your children!  Doing life together in a Christian community that cares about your children and your family is a great blessing!   Welcome to Libertas! 

Hello, I love learning and am glad our paths have crossed, I cannot wait to join you and your family on this amazing journey we call, homeschool.  I have homeschooled my own tribe of four wonderful kids for over 15 years using many different methodologies. Homeschooling in a Christ centered community has always been a top priority and I am thankful for the community we have at Libertas.  Supporting kids to discover their God given gifts and talents is the driving factor that makes teaching, for me, an exciting expedition.  I am passionate about education being a “whole body experience”, where mind, body and spirit are “exercised” to grow and complement each other.  I love teaching and directing young hearts to grow in knowledge and understanding of themselves and their God given purpose. 

Meet the Board of Directors 

Our Board of Directors is designed to oversee and govern of the non-profit organization, mentor and disciple the Advisory Board and provide counsel from a point of view of established Christian leaders who do not have children or family members directly involved in the day-to-day operation of Libertas Scholars.  The academic program, organizational budget and all applications will be reviewed by the Board of Directors. 

  • Mike & Cheryl Bastian Author, Evaluator, Homeschooling Mom & Teacher

  • Dr. Dan Lacich  Former teacher & coach, current pastor of Oviedo City Church

  • Sandee Smith   Homeschooling Mom & Teacher

  • Valerie Fronczek  Homeschooling Mom & Teacher

Meet the Founders of Libertas Scholars


Libertas Scholars grew from the vision of a team of passionate parents who were called to create a new classical Christian homeschool program for their community. Together Karin Dewey, Jacque, Keehan, Christine Bancalari, Jenifer Rawlings, and Lydia Ngwa worked selflessly to form Libertas Scholars and guide it through its successful 2019-2020 inaugural year. Our community remains grateful to these ladies and their families for their dedication and tireless service to our community.

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